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Kidport provides interactive education and homework help for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Kidport's kindergarten and elementary school content is also regularly used by pre-school students. Kidport content includes math, science, social studies, language arts and creative arts material.

User Demographic

Kidport has peak user traffic of approximately 700,000 visitors per month and about 2 million page views per month. Most traffic is somewhat seasonal, correlating to the North American school calendar year. On a typical month Kidport has traffic from about 150 different countries around the world. Approximately 80% of Kidport users are located in the United States. Other major population areas sourcing Kidport traffic include Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Kidport has three primary user groups. The largest user population is public and private school students. These students use Kidport for supplemental education and homework help both in the classroom and at home. The other two groups are homeschoolers and special education students. Although these groups may be smaller than the general student population, they are highly supportive and vocal groups within the Kidport community. They have played a significant role in the design, development and organization of Kidport content.

Kidport is primarily designed for use by students. However, parents and teachers play a major role in guiding students through Kidport content, particularly pre-school, kindergarten and lower elementary grade students.

Kidport Content Organization

The Kidport content is organized in two major forms. The first is grade-level subject content. The grade level and subject organization is based on state curriculum requirements. Channels on Kidport allow you to broadly target Math content, or specifically target a single grade and subject (e.g., Grade 3 Math, Kindergarten Language Arts). The other major form of content is the Reference Library. The reference library (reflib) provides content to help students with typical school projects and is organized by subject and project area, such as Animal Classification, World Geography or the American Civil War. Two major sections of the Kidport reference library are science and social studies. You can broadly target the reference library or specifically target individual sections.

How to Advertise on Kidport

Kidport advertising is managed through Google. Use your Google AdWords account to place adds on Kidport.

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