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6th Grade Science / Lesson 12 - Review for Unit 2 Exam

What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to review vocabulary words for Unit 2 Exam.

    • Cell : the basic unit of life

    • Tissue : a group of similar cells working together at the same job

    • Organ : a group of different tissues working together to do certain jobs

    • Organ System : different organs working together to do certain jobs

    • Organism : any living thing that can carry out its life activities on its own

    • Cell Membrane : a cell's outer covering

    • Nucleus : the densest part of a cell, which controls a cell's activities

    • Chromosomes : a strand in the nucleus that stores directions for cell activities .Chromosomes fact like blueprints fro transferring information to the next generation of cells

    • Cytoplasm : a gel-like substance inside the cell membrane, where most cell activities occur.Cytoplasm surrounds the nucleus and contains a large amount of water

    • Mitochondria : a rod-shaped structure in the cytoplasm that supplies the cell with energy

    • Vacuoles : a sac-like storage space in a cell's cytoplasm. Vacuoles can store such things as food and waste awaiting elimination

    • Chloroplast : a green structure in a plant cell where food is produced. Chloroplasts contains the green pigment

    • Cell Wall : a stiff covering outside the cell membrane of a plant cell

    • Diffusion : the movement of molecules from areas of higher to lower concentration

    • Passive Transport : the movement of molecules through a cell membrane without the use of energy

    • Osmosis : the diffusion of water through a cell membrane

    • Equilibrium : balance, such as an equal concentration fowater molecules on both sides of a cell membrane

    • Photosynthesis : a process in producers that makes food by using sunlight

    • Producer : any green plant or one-celled organism that can make its own food

    • Respiration : the release of energy from sugar molecules

    • Fermentation : a form of respiration without oxygen

    • Mitosis : the division of the nucleus while a cell is dividing into two identical cells

    • Interphase : the time in the cell's cycle spent growing and developing

    Let's Review What We Learned Today!

    • Now go look over your notes and use the Unit 2 Guideline to help you study for the Exam!!