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6th Grade Science / Lesson 1 - Living Things

Living Things
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn about living things

  • Have you ever wondered what happens inside a plant to make it grow?

  • You are growing, too - and will keep growing until you are an adult. What makes people grow?

  • To understand how living things grow, you might start by asking what living things are made of.

  • Living things play an important role in their surroundings.

    How can you tell a living thing from a nonliving thing?

    What do all living things have? What do they all do?

    Do all living things move, for example? Compare a jet and a plant. If the jet moves and the plant does not, does that mean that the jet is a living thing and the plant is not? Are there traits that all living things share?

    What Do All Living Things Do?

    • Why do all living things need food? Because they need raw materials and energy to live and grow. They need the right temperatures in their surroundings. They meet their needs by carrying out certain activities.

    • When you eat you take in raw materials and energy needed to live and grow.

    What Are Living Things Made Of?

    • Are living things made of elements just as nonliving things are? Living things are made of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. In addition, living things are organized into units or parts that make up the living things.

  • The life activities listed on slide 7 are carried out in the smallest part of a living thing. This basic unit of life is called a cell. All living things are made up of cells. Some living things are made up of only one cell. As you might guess, you'd need a microscope to see them. Many-celled living things, such as complex plants and animals, are made up of different kinds of cells, each with its own special function.

  • Plants and animals have cells that to a great extent have the same parts. However, there are important differences between them. Plant cells have a stiff outer covering, whereas animal cells do not. This covering helps a plant to stand upright. Many plant cells also contain a green substance that traps the energy of sunlight and enables the cells to produce their own food.

  • All living things are made up of cells

    Animals are many-celled living things. This is a cell from an animal.

    Plants are many-celled living things. This is a cell from a plant.

    Bacteria, paramecia, and euglena carry out all of life's functions in a single cell.

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