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6th Grade Science / Lesson 1 - Sun's Energy

Sun's Energy

What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn about how the sun's energy can be used.

  • How many kinds of energy do you use each day? How much energy do you use? How might you tell?

    Where does all the energy you use each day come from? One way or another, most of our energy supplies come from sunlight. How is this home using sunlight directly as a source of heat?

    How Can the Sun's Energy Be Used?

    Where do you get your daily energy supply from? Most of the living things on Earth obtain their energy directly or indirectly from the Sun. Plants convert the Sun's energy into chemical energy stored in compounds called carbohydrates. Animals then feed on the plants or eat other animals that feed on plants.

    Humans, too, consume "solar energy"by eating plants and animals.
    Humans also build devices to capture energy from the Sun and put it to practical use.

    As shown below there are two basic types of solar heating systems.