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6th Grade Science / Lesson 3 - Organisms Interact with Nonliving Things

Organisms Interact with Nonliving Things
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn all about how organisms interact with nonliving things.

How Do Organisms Interact with Nonliving Things?

  • A rotting tree stump is a small ecosystem. Cities, redwood forests, polar regions, and oceans are examples of larger ecosystems. How would you describe your ecosystem?

Food Chains

  • In every ecosystem there is a feeding relationship between the organisms. When animals eat plants, the energy of plants is passed to the animals. These animals are then eaten by other animals. These animals, in turn, may be eaten. Each time, food energy passes from one living thing to the next.

  • Some organisms get their food by breaking down dead organisms into nutrients. The energy is passed from the dead organism to the organism breaking it down.

  • Each organism is like a link in a food chain. A food chain is a model of how the energy in food is passed from organism to organism in an ecosystem.

Let's Review What We Learned Today!

  • Now go watch the movie "Food Chains" and then complete your worksheet!!