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6th Grade Science / Lesson 7 - Factors Inherited by Humans

Factors Inherited by Humans
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn all about what factors are inherited by humans.

What Factors Are Inherited by Humans

  • Actually you don't inherit traits. You inherit factors for traits. Humans inherit thousands of factors for traits from their parents. The color of your hair and skin, the shape of your chin, the color of your eyes, the thickness of your eyebrows, the size of your feet, and even your height were determined by factors you inherited from your parents. As with pea plants, humans inherit one factor for each trait from each parent. That results in a total of two factors for each trait in the child.

One of the traits people inherit from their parents is earlobe shape. Some people have earlobes that are completely attached, while others have earlobes that are unattached. The factor for free earlobes is dominant-let E stand for free earlobes. The factor for attached earlobes is recessive-let e stand for attached earlobes.

Any person who has attached earlobes most likely has two recessive factors for the trait, or ee. There are two possibilities for anyone who has free earlobes. That person could have inherited two dominant factors from his or her parents, EE, or one dominant and one recessive, Ee

Let's Review What We Learned Today!

  • Now go watch the movie "Genes"

  • Then complete your worksheet!