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Interested in learning more about Kidport, the company. Well, that is primarily me. For those who are interested, here is a little background on me and Kidport.

I’m Bryan Knysh, the founder and creator of Kidport. I have a Master of Applied Science degree (University of Toronto, 1987), Bachelor of Science degree (University of Manitoba, 1979) and Master of Business Administration degree (University of Phoenix, 1992). I’ve also taken multimedia classes at San Francisco State University, and film, video and animation classes at De Anza College.

I first started developing educational software in 1984 at the Ontario Crippled Childrens Center (now the Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Center). I worked on a variety of technology developments for children with physical disabilities and special learning needs. The center has a school, and much of the development was done in conjunction with the school therapists and teachers. Generally, the developments were done specifically for the children at the school. This is the basis for the content development model I continue to use today. 

I have been developing Kidport.com since 1997. Much of the math and science content was created by myself in cooperation with several schools in the San Jose, CA and Saratoga, CA area. For example, much of the K-3 content was created through working with teachers at the Sacred Heart School in Saratoga. I would gather requirements from the teachers, develop the content, then work with the teachers and students in the classroom or computer lab to refine the content. Some of the content in grades 3-5 was created with the assistance of teachers from the Saratoga Elementary School. The English Language Learner program was created based on requirements from the principal and teachers at Meadows Elementary School in San Jose. Since my goal is to make educational content available for free, my preferred method of content development is to partner with local schools to minimize my development costs. The schools and teachers benefit by having free content built to their specification.

At times, I do have teachers and other educators help with modules. For example, the thinking and learning skills content was designed by Wayne Reeves, a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. A lot of the math content ideas came from a local teacher with Master of Mathematics degree from Stanford University. Other teachers have been involved in modules across most grades and subjects.

Although my development focus is often based on California State Standards, since I'm are working with local California schools, I do take other state standards into consideration. Kidport.com now serves over 700,000 students per month in 150 different countries. Although I can't guarantee that content mistakes don't happen, I have a very large user population that report problems so they can be corrected. I try to be very responsive to addressing the needs and issues of my users.

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Curriculum Approach

Kidport is an Internet-based educational service designed to help K-8 students excel in school. It provides a unique, multi-step program to create empowered learners, not simply good students.

components of Kidport

The major components of Kidport as shown in the diagram above include:

Kidport is designed around "Think-and-Learn" modules which make students aware of the thinking skills they need to use while they are learning. The thinking and learning skills are tied to curriculum content to help students transfer the thinking skills to their homework. These interactive modules are also designed to help students learn the required K-8 materials. Projects are integrated into the learning modules to provide compelling real-world experiences and applications. Integrated reference materials provide the necessary background for Kidport activities and help with other school projects.

The Curriculum content is designed with a "Traps-and-Gaps" emphasis which focuses on areas where students have problems. These problem areas may be due to the difficult concepts or misconceptions (traps), or material that is not covered thoroughly in school (gaps).

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Kidport is looking for individual or corporate sponsors. For advertising information see the following, Advertising Information. If you need additional information, please contact Bryan Knysh at 408-867-5374 or email us.

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We hope you enjoy using Kidport. We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improving Kidport and making it a more enjoyable place for you and your friends. Use the Feedback button above to send us comments. Or contact Bryan Knysh at:

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