English Language Learner Program

The Kidport English Language Learner Program is designed to help students develop proficiency with the English language. The Word Recognition module consists of 90 lessons, with each lesson varying in file size from 0.5MB to 4MB. A high speed Internet connection is recommended for reasonable performance.

Word Recognition
Bugs Coloring Book
Bugs eBook

Body Parts - Podcast

You can play this in iTunes, or on an iPod. Be sure to turn on Show Album Art to see the graphics.

ReadingVocabBody.m4a.zip (18 MB)

* Notes:

  1. The Words Recognition Module includes over 850 words in the following categories: Animals and Pets, Human Body, Cars, Clothing, Sea Life, Food & Drink, Home, Kitchen, Nature, Neighborhood, People & Places, School, Sports, Tools, Toys and Hobbies, and Wild Animals.
  2. The individual category sections range in size from 0.5MB to 5MB. A high speed internet connection is recommended.
  3. In the Spelling Module, only Animals, Body, Bugs, Cars and Clothing sections have content and audio.
  4. Please submit any comments or suggestions to eMail Us.


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