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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 13: Writing A First Draft

Writing a First Draft
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn all about writing a first draft.
  • The vocabulary words are draft, main point, and character

What are these words?

    Draft - the first try at a story, essay, letter or report
    Main Point - the subject of your writing
    Character - a person or animal in a story

Writing the Beginning

  • You should think about some things when you start a story, poem, report or letter. Here are some ideas.

  • Start with an interesting sentence or idea.

  • Which of these is the best start for a story about space?

The scary ship landed and funny looking beings marched out Aliens landed on earth.

What will we be learning today?

Here are some other ideas for writing the beginning.

Start your story with a question.

     Have you ever heard of a purple elephant? I saw one just the other day.

Use a quotation, something that someone says.

     "My name is Cowboy," the purple elephant said to me.

Start by telling about a character.

     he friendly purple elephant loved butterflies.


Writing the Middle

  • The middle of the story tells lots of things about the character or time in the story. Here are ways you can make the middle interesting.

    1. Tell more about the story.
    2. Use sentences to show that something in your story is real or not.
    3. Tell more about your character.
    4. Show how two things are alike.
    5. Show how two things are different.

The middle of the story fills in all of the things that you want to say.

Think about all of the fun things you could say about the purple elephant! Click to hear what he says about you!

Writing the end.

After you have written all you want about the story it is time for you to write the end. One of the best ways to end a story is to leave the person that read it wanting to know more.

Let's Review What We Learned Today

  • A story has a beginning, middle and end.

  • A first draft gets your story down on paper. You will worry about making the story better later.

  • Vocabulary

      Draft - the first try at a story, essay, letter or report

      Main Point - the subject of what your writing

      Character - a person or animal in a story

You are going to use what you know to write about a person,
a place or something that has happened to you.
Remember to use the ideas about a beginning, middle and end when you write.