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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 15: Writing for a Test

Writing for a test
Writing for a test

  • Many tests have sections that require you to demonstrate your writing skills

  • On a test that requires writing skills, you are usually given a topic and a time limit

Writing for a test

  • If you know how to write and you develop a writing style then a writing question on a test will be     easier to handle

  • The following tips will improve your test writing skills

  • Writing for a Test

  • Prewriting: Before you write the Test Answers
        1. Analyzing a Topic: Ask these Questions:
            A. Do I understand the question?
            B. Am I being asked to compare, contrast, give an opinion, explain or describe?
            C. What form of writing will be most effective?

  • 2. Gathering Information:
            A. Am I allowed to look in books while I write?
            B. What information on the topic do I know?
            C. Make an outline of the information you know to create a means of getting your points out

  • Writing for a Test

  • Drafting: Setting up the writing and Writing
         Ask yourself:
          1. Can I focus my writing by beginning with a clear topic sentence?
          2. What is the Main Idea?
          3. What points support this main idea?
          4. How much time do I have for this assignment?
          5. Write out the Main Idea in a topic sentence and support it with detail sentences

  • Writing for a Test

  • Responding and Revising: Writing your answer and checking it over
           Ask these Questions when writing is done:
           1. Have I answered the question completely?
           2. Should I add any additional information?
           3. Are there any incorrect statements that I should change?
           4. Have I checked the Spelling of every word?
           5. Have I checked for mistakes in grammar?

  • Writing for a Test

  • Publishing: Getting it ready to be shared with others
          Ask yourself:
          1. Do I have time to make a neater copy?
          2. If not, are there any sloppy sections I should write on another page?

  • Timed Writing

  • In a timed Test, Follow these steps:

          1. Stay calm. Don't Panic. Take a deep breath and relax.
          2. Check your task and purpose
          3. Plan how you will use your time---(when you get to college---writing tests can last for 2 hours)          A. Plan time for each step: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising,Proofreading and Writing the Final               Draft
             B. Use your time wisely when you start writing
             C. If you are running out of time-decide how to combine steps and make your goal to finish                  with a wrap up

  • Writing Prompts on Tests


  • A written prompt is a statement or question that asks you to complete a writing task
  • There are different writing prompts:
          A. narrative prompt-asks writer to tell a story
          B. persuasive prompt-asks writer to convince the reader
          C. expository prompt-asks writer to inform or explain
          D. descriptive prompt-asks writer to describe something
          E. evaluative prompt-asks writer to judge something
          F. comparison-contrast prompt-asks writer to discuss the similarities and differences between 2 things
          G. picture prompt-is a question or statement about the picture-it asks writer to tell about the picture --- Study the picture before you write and ask yourself what the message of the picture is?  "What is picture saying?"