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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 17: Compound Words

Compound Words
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn all about compound words.

  • The vocabulary words are compound words.
Can you name any compound words?

  • We will begin today's lesson, by learning the definition. .

  • A compound word is actually two words that have been joined together.

  • When you see two words, there is usually space between them. When two words are together making one compound word, there is no space.

  • Let's see if you can read some compound words.

  • Read these words.


      • How did you do with those? Now use these pictures to guess what compound word they are forming.

      • Read these words in each box to see how you did. Look back at the pictures if you need to.

      • Aren't compound words fun?! Now match the words in the first column to the ones in the second to make one compound word.

      Let's Review What We Learned Today!

      • Compound words are two words that are put together to make a new word.