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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 2: Comprehension

Bad Days

  What will we be learning today?

    In this lesson, we are going to learn about having a bad day.

Have you seen this book before?

   Have you ever had it read to you?

This story is about a boy named Alexander who is having a very bad day. Nothing is going his way.     Everything is going wrong. He gets more upsets as the day goes on.

   Look at his face.
How is he feeling?
How can   you tell he is not happy?
Have you felt this way? When?

Here are two more pictures from the book.

   What do they tell you about his day?
    What do you think is wrong?                      

Here is a picture of the author.

Here name is Judy Viorst.

This book about Alexander has been a favorite of kids for a long time.

The book is a play now that people put on in a theater.

You will get to listen to the story of Alexander's bad day now.

Click on Alexander's face to hear the story.

When you get to the end of the story, click on the in the top right hand corner of your screen to return to your lesson.

Bad Days


   At the end of the story, Alexander says he wants to move to Australia.

    Where is Australia? Look on the map.

Do you think going to Australia will help Alexander?

After the book, can you tell how the book got its title?

Do the pictures of Alexander match what happened to him?