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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 20: Review Two for Unit 3 Language Arts Exam

Unit 3 Review

  • The Denotation of a word is its exact meaning as stated in the Dictionary.

    Denotations use literal or exact language----it means exactly what it says or it is.


  • The connotation of a word is a second, suggested meaning of a word.
  • This added meaning often suggests something positive or negative.

  • Connotations use figurative language or implied meaning.---The word might mean something different than its definition.

Neutral Words

  • Be Careful---as some words are neutral.

  • They do not suggest either good or bad meanings

  • Example of neutral words: hat, seventeen, and yearly

Multiple Words

  • There are many words with more than one meaning

  • Sometimes you need to use the context of a sentence in order to figure out what the meaning of the word is; which means you need to figure out what the sentence is about

  • Example: If the word is "bark" and it is talking about trees in the sentence, then it is not about what a dog does.


  • You will need to double check the spelling of words

  • You learn how to spell words by reading, writing, studying, and using words

  • The more you read, write, practice, memorize and use words, the easier spelling words will be!!!