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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 3: Analyze a Research Report

Analyze a Research Report
Analyze a Research Report

  • To analyze a good research paper, you must have a specific topic, the paper must know what it wants to say, and say it effectively.

The Topic

  • A topic must be of interest to the reader The topic must be able to keep the reader reading.

The Information

  • Is the Information based on factual material?
  • Is the Information easy to read and understand?

Informational Reports

  • Informational reports are typically biographies-about people, events, history, scientific studies, or news.
  • These reports are designed to teach or inform the reader

Fictional Reports

  • Reports that are fictional contain un-factual information
  • Fictional reports are usually summaries or book reports

Research reports

  • Research reports should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion
  • The introduction-introduces the topic and gives a preview of what the paper is about
  • The body---contains the main facts or information being conveyed
  • The conclusion ----summarizes the report information

Steps to writing a research report

  • 1. Choose a topic
  • 2. Gather Research
  • 3. Take Notes on your research
  • 4. Outline your material
  • 5. Write a rough draft in your own words
  • 6. Edit your report
  • 7. Re-write your report-or type it