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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 5: Writing a Business Letter

Writing Business Letters

  Business Letters

   In a business letter-a writer usually writes to someone he or she does not know

   The purpose of a business letter is to ask for information or to place an order for something

Business Letters

  • A Business Letter is similar to a Friendly Letter because it contains the same five parts that a friendly letter has 1. a heading
    2. a greeting
    3. a body
    4. a closing
    5. a signature

Business Letters
   A business letter also has a 6th part; which is called an inside address

   It is the receiver's address

How to Write A Business Letter
    1. Write the heading in the upper-right corner
    2. Write the inside address at the left margin
    3. Write the greeting under the inside address. Put a colon (:) after the greeting.
    4. Write the body in paragraph form. Tell why you are writing to the person or business. Use a polite
    5. Write the closing in line with the heading. In a business letter, the closing is Yours truly or
    6. Write your signature under the closing. Sign your full name. Then, print your name

Business Letter Model


Inside Address






Business Letter

  • Think about a business letter that you would like to write
  • Think to whom am I writing
  • What is my purpose
  • What tone should I use (If you do not know them-do not give personal information but be polite)
  • What facts do I want to include.