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Reading and Writing Rocks Yellow / Lesson 7: Homonyms


  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to learn all about homonyms.

   The vocabulary word is homophones.

What are these words?
   Homophone: it is easy to remember what this word means if you know what the 2 parts of     the word mean.

   The first part is homo : which means same

The second part is phone : which means sound

   So the word homophone means same sound. When we use the word homophone to talk about      words we are talking about 2 words that sound the same but are spelled differently. The 2 words     also have two different meanings.

Homophones are 2 words that:

  • sound the same like sun and son.

  • Are spelled differently like sun and son.What is different in how the 2 words are spelled?

  • Have different meanings.
  • The word sun is a large star that lights the day sky on Earth.

  • The word son is a parent's boy child.

Here are some more homophones to read:

You will do some activities to work on homophones.

   In this activity you will click on two cards to see if they are homophones. If the cards are they will be     flipped over and out of play. If the cards are not homophones, they will go blank again. Play until you     have made all of the pairs.

  Click on the button to go to this online activity.

This activity will help you get ready for your worksheets.

   You will read a sentence and pick which homophone has the right meaning to complete the

   After you complete all of the sentences you can check your answers. Click on the check your      answer button at the bottom of the page.
  When you are ready Click on the button to go to this online activity.

What is the difference between homophones and rhyming words? I know they both have something      to do with words sounding the same. Can you tell from these examples:

                    to, too,two               slap, lap, sap

   Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.

   Rhyming words are words that belong to the same word family, have several letters in common,     and have different meanings.

   You will play a rhyming word game to remind you of the difference.

I hope you like the game of baseball! This activity is about rhyming words and is played like a
    baseball game.

This board lets you know what word you are rhyming with
   The pitcher will throw balls at you. You must click on the ball if it rhymes with the word on the board.
    You get to play until you get three outs. You can strike out for missing rhyming words and you can     get called out for hitting a ball that does not rhyme.

   What words would rhyme with win? Pin, thin, fin, chin, tin, win.

      Click on the button when you are ready to play ball!


Let's Review What We Learned Today!
    What is a homophone?

   What are rhyming words?

   Test yourself. Click on the button for your answer.

    1. Are these words homophones?

                 flip                trip                         
2. Are these words rhyming words?

              snatch                catch                             
3. Are these words homophones?

great                grate