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Science_Lab_Yellow / Lesson 6: Food Web

Food Web
What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to learn all about what is a food web.

What Is a Food Web?

  • Do all organisms eat only one food? Are all organisms eaten by only one type of animal? No. Animals often eat or are eaten by many different things. How can we study all of the things that an animal eats or is eaten by?

  • A food chain only shows the path of energy as it moves from one organism to another. A food web shows the relationship between all of the species in a community. It shows how populations must compete for food. A food web is a map of overlapping food chains


  • All food webs begin with producers. The producers on land include grasses, trees, and all other organisms that use the Sun's energy to make their own food. In oceans the main producers are algae.

Let's Review What We Learned Today!

  • Now complete the worksheet by using this Presentation