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Lesson 8: Review


What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to review for Unit 3 Exam.

Energy comes in many forms. The air in your home is warmed by convection of thermal energy. There is energy stored in batteries and energy stored in the food you eat. The Sun gives us light and heat as well. You depend on various forms of energy to live, move, and have a comfortable life.

Electrical  Energy - the power in a battery

Electrons - is one of the particles that make up an atom - each electron carries energy

Closed Circuit - when a battery is connected to a light bulb with wires - continuous path for electrons to travel through

Filament - the wire in a light bulb that gives off light and heat

Ammeter - measures amperes, or amps - it tells us how many electrons flow each second (measures electrical energy)

Voltmeter - measures volts (measures electrical energy)

Kinetic Energy - the energy of any moving object

Potential Energy - stored energy

Thermal Energy - form of energy that describes the motion of atoms and molecules

Temperature - tells us how fast that particles in matter are moving

Heat - transfer of thermal energy from one object to another

Conduction - the passing of heat through a material while the material itself stays in place

Convection - the flow of heat through a liquid or a gas, causing hot parts to rise and cooler parts to sink

Radiation - the transfer of heat through electromagnetic rays

Let's Review What We Learned Today!

  Study your notes!

  Now take the Unit 3 Exam on the computer!

  Good Luck!!