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Science_Lab_Yellow / Lesson 9: Review for Unit Exam


What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, we are going to review for the Unit 6 Exam

  • Light has many wavelengths. Only some are visible.

    Radar waves help forecasters predict the weather. X rays help dentists and doctors check for cavities and broken bones. Every time you turn on a radio or TV, you are picking up invisible waves of "light."

    Some laser beams can be used to melt metals and "crack open" granite. Doctors can use other kinds of lasers to perform delicate surgery. There are even weak laser beams in CD players.

    Prism - a cut piece of clear glass (or plastic) with two opposite sides in the shape of a triangle or other geometric shape

    Spectrum - a band of colors produced when light goes through a prism

    Primary Colors - Red, green, or blue. Mixing these colors can produce all the colors of the spectrum

    Primary Pigments - Magenta, cyan, or yellow. Materials with any of these colors absorb on primary color of light and reflect the other two

    Vacuum - a space through which sound waves cannot travel because it contains no matter

    Electromagnetism - the production of magnetism by electricity (and the production of electricity by magnets)

    Photons - the tiny bundles of energy by means of which light travels

    Electromagnetic Spectrum - all the wavelengths of visible and invisible light in order, from short (gamma rays) to long (radio)

    Spectroscope - an instrument that allows us to detect forms of light we can't see

    Radar - a device for tracking the position and path of a distant moving object. It works by sending out radio waves and recording their echoes. The word stands for Radio Detecting And Ranging

    Infrared - "just beyond red" are waves that are next to visible red waves in the spectrum

    Lasers - a device that produces a thin stream of light of just a few close wavelengths

  • Make sure you have studied for the Exam

  • When ready take the Unit 6 Exam on the computer