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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

The European Sailor who sails to the Americas


  • In the 1400s it was believed the earth was flat and if one tried to sail to the other side than you would fall off the earth

  • The Indies were the islands of Southeast Asia and it was believed that they were wealthy with gold, jewels and spices

Christopher Columbus

  • Christopher was born in Genoa, Italy

  • He believed the world was round

  • He loved to sail

  • He wanted to make money

  • He knew that no one had ever tried to sail around the world for fear of falling off of it

  • For 1000s of years people traveled with animals across the desert to get to the Indies to trade-he believed sailing would be easier


  • Columbus knew sailing to the Indies would be cheaper

  • He tried to raise the money for his big voyage for years

  • In 1486 he traveled to Spain to present his idea to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella-it took six years for them to say yes

  • In 1492 Columbus was given permission by Spain to sail to the Indies

August 3, 1492

  • Columbus left Spain on this day with three ships: The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria

  • The crew began to think that after weeks of sailing without seeing land that they would die-they decided to throw Columbus overboard and turn around to go back to Spain


  • However, Columbus sighted land before they threw him over

  • The land that they landed in was Waiting Island but Columbus named it "San Salvador" or "Holy Savior"

  • And he claimed it for Spain

  • Columbus thought he had sailed around the world and that the new people he met were the people of East Asia in the Indies-so he called them "Indios" or "Indians"


  • Columbus was disappointed not to have found the riches that he had heard were in the Indies

  • He sailed back to Spain to report his findings