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Christopher Columbus Part II

Christopher Columbus Part II

"In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue"


  • He kept two logs on his voyage

  • In the first log he kept track of the actual distance that he traveled each day

  • The second log was not accurate-it was made up of false distances-it is believed that he wanted to fool other explorers-so only he would know how to get to the "Indies"


  • He had actually not been to the East Asia Indies-he had actually sailed to the Americas

  • The Native Americans were the first to discover the Americas, but Columbus was the first European to discover the Americas

  • He connected two different types of people

Two Worlds Meet

  • The Native Americans that Columbus met were called the "Taino" people

  • Columbus sailed to other Caribbean islands

  • When he returned to Spain, the King and the Queen asked him to return to the New World to found a colony ( This is a settlement far away from the country that rules it)


  • In 1493 Columbus made a second voyage to the New World and he sailed this time with 17 ships carrying colonists or people and animals from Europe, who would live in the New World

  • The animals on these ships had never lived in the Americas---horses, cattle, etc.

  • He also brought wheat, onions, sugar and other crops that had never been grown in the Americas

The Exchange

  • When Columbus got to the Taino people-he traded with them his items---he then took items which were new to Europe back with him to Spain

  • The Taino people gave him: Turkeys, corn, potatoes, chili peppers, pumpkins, tobacco, tomatoes, peanuts and avocados

  • The wheel was brought to the Americas also-The Native Americans had not used wheels before for transportation or travel

  • Also-Europe brought plows and iron-making technology to the Americas

Columbian Exchange

  • This exchange changed the entire world forever

  • Five items were extremely important:
    Potatoes & corn (maize) from the Americas and horses and sugar and diseases from Europe
    These items changed the lives of millions of people so they are called "the seeds of change"

The Changes

  • The European diet was made healthier and therefore people began to live longer increasing the populations of European countries

  • The horses helped the Native Americans to hunt and it helped them to travel better


  • The exchange also brought diseases to the New World

  • Many Native Americans died from Smallpox and other diseases that they received from the Spanish Europeans


  • He brought 6 Taino people back to Spain and animals and food products---that is when the Europeans began to call the place "A New World"

  • To the Native Americans this was not a New World

  • Columbus had joined two places in the world

Other Explorers

  • Columbus led the way for other explorers to sail to the new places he had found for Europe

  • The New World was later called America after the name of a man called Amerigo Vespucci