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American Revolution: Strengths and Weaknesses PART ONE
The American Revolution

  • The war changed the colonies forever

  • The war lasted 8 years-it was supposed to end quickly

  • men had run the businesses; while the men went off to fight

  • Some women sewed clothes for the soldiers and nursed the wounded

  • Many men had died, and children grew up without their fathers

Before the War: British Advantages or Strengths


  • 1. The British had the most powerful navy in the world


  • 2. The British were going through an Industrial Revolution; which left them a wealthy nation which could produce lots of weapons & uniforms


British Advantages or Strengths

  • 3. Britain had well trained & disciplined soldiers

  • 4. Britain also used it's wealth to get German soldiers to help them---so they had support of other countries
    (The soldiers from Germany were called German mercenaries or German Hessians)

  • A mercenary is a soldier paid to fight for another country

  • The Germans were from the German state of Hesse-Kassel

American Advantages or Strengths


  • 1. The Americans were defending their own homes which gave them motivation to fight


  • 2. The Americans knew the land; and they used it for attacks


  • 3. They had learned guerilla warfare from the Indians: these are surprise sneak attacks instead of being lined up in the open to fight like the British


American Advantages or Strengths


  • 4. The Americans had skilled men like Washington, who knew how to fight-as he was trained by the British and he fought for them in the French and Indian Wars


  • 5. Americans had the help of French soldiers or mercenaries


British disadvantages or weaknesses:


  • 1. The war was not popular in England so their was no motivation to fight


  • 2. The English and Scottish people that lived in Britain did not want to pay for the war-they did not want to pay their taxes either


British weaknesses or disadvantages


  • 3. The war was very far away from Britain-so it took months to get more supplies to soldiers


  • 4. It was costly for the British to have thousands of soldiers overseas


American weaknesses or disadvantages


  • 1. The patriots had no army or navy in the beginning-just minutemen


  • 2. Getting men to serve in a continental army was tough


  • 3. The army had no money to feed, clothe or pay soldiers


  • 4. The army had a shortage of weapons


American Revolution: PART TWO

George Washington: From Military Commander to President


  • George Washington was born in 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia


  • His parents owned land


  • George was good at Math-so at age 16 he landed his first job as a surveyor or a person who measures land

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George Washington


  • His surveyor job paid well and he bought his own land with his money


  • He joined the military in 1752 so he could gain honor


  • The British paid colonial soldiers less than the British soldiers and they lowered his rank during the French and Indian War because he was a colonist, so Washington was angry

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George Washington


  • Washington was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1758


  • 1759-George retired from the military to manage his land


  • 1759-He married a wealthy woman named Martha Custis who became Martha Washington when she became his wife


  • George and Martha moved to Mount Vernon that same year; this was the name of his land or his plantation on the Potomac River in Virginia

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Martha Washington


  • During the Revolution---she helped her husband with paperwork, she sewed his clothes and cooked for the American soldiers

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Washington in the War


  • George was clever when it came to spying on the British


  • A London newspaper said that "Washington did not really outfight the British, he simply outspied us"

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George Washington


  • Washington allowed African Americans to fight in his continental army in 1776


  • After the war George freed his own plantation slaves


  • George had made an important step toward how slavery would be viewed in the North


  • George thought: "How could the colonies continue to enslave African Americans when they were willing to fight and die for all Americans?"

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Women in the War


  • There were some women spies


  • There were women that helped on the battlefield by nursing soldiers and carrying water to thirsty soldiers


  • One woman whose name was Mary Ludwig Hays carried so much water to the soldiers that she was nicknamed "Molly Pitcher"


  • She even helped fight for her husband when he was wounded