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Pizarro and The Incas

Francisco Pizarro

  • In 1531 Pizarro led 180 Spanish soldiers against the Incan Empire in Peru

  • Peru is in South America and it is located in the Andes Mountains

  • The Incan Emperor was named Atahualpa, and he had just won a civil war against his brother when the Spanish soldiers and Pizarro came to Cajamarca, the city in the Incan Empire


  • Pizarro was after gold

  • He killed 1,500 Incans to get it

  • Atahualpa tried to negotiate with Pizarro

  • Atahualpa offered to fill an entire room with gold for Pizarro, if only Pizarro would release him


  • Pizarro agreed to release him if Atahualpa filled a room with gold

  • Atahualpa kept his word to Pizarro and filled an entire room with Incan gold for him

  • However, Pizarro did not keep his word, as he killed Atahualpa after he collected the gold


  • Pizarro then moved on to a second Incan city called Cuzco and he conquered that city as well

  • Pizarro sent much gold back to Spain

  • Spain was able to build up it's economy and navy as a result