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Discover_our_World_Yellow / Lesson 15: More About the Mayan Culture

More About the Mayan Culture

  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to learn more about the Mayan culture.

   The vocabulary word is XXX.

What are these words?
     maize          : another name for corn

     civilization : a culture that has developed systems of religion, learning, and government.

  Where the Maya lived?

Can you tell from the maps where the Mayan people lived?

The great cities and people you are learning about lived in Mexico and Guatemala. Both of these countries are south of the United States.

On the map find Mexico.

On the map, find Guatemala.

Each triangle shows a Mayan city.

  With all of these cities, the Mayan people began to trade with each other.

The cities near water had salt, oyster shells, and fish to trade with the cities in the middle of the country.

The cities in the middle had wood, rubber, and animal furs to trade with the cities near the water.

 Mayan Life

  The Mayan people lives changed as they learned to farm. Unlike the hunters and gatherers, they no   longer needed to look for food all of the time. This gave the Mayan people time to do other things.

   They studied the sky both night and day. They made a calendar on the things they saw in the sky. They used symbols to write down important events and times. They also created beautiful stone art.

  The most important food to the Maya was corn. They called it maize. The maize could be made into many kinds of food. The maize could be stored to eat in the winter.

 The End of an Era
   Because the Mayan people were farmers, they had time to create a culture. A group of people living together who have a religion, depend on each other, and have leaders are a civilization.

In time the Mayan civilization ended. Archeologists have no idea why. The Mayan people left their cities and built no more temples or palaces. Maybe they could no longer grow enough maize to last through the winter. The descendants of the Mayan people continue to live in Mexico and Guatemala today.

Let's Review What We Learned Today!
   What is a civilization?

   In what countries did Mayan people live?

   What food was most important to the Mayan people?