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Anasazi Civilization

  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to learn about the Anasazi civilization.

You are going to learn to about another early civilization called the Anasazi Indians. This culture was   in its prime over 1,000 years ago.

  To begin let's find where the Anasazi lived.

  The Anasazi Indians lived in a part of the United States now called Four Corners. Four Corners in the place where the corners of four states meet.

Look at this map to see what I mean. The Four Corners is in the Southwest part of the United States.

   Look at this map. It shows you the four states that make up the Four Corners.

Listen to the names of the states and practice reading them.


   This map shows how much of the area in the Four Corners the Anasazi Indians lived.