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Discover_our_World_Yellow / Lesson 16: The Dutch East India Company and Henry Hudson

The Dutch voyages & explorers

The Dutch

  • The Dutch people did not have a lot of money

  • It was very expensive to build ships for ocean voyages and to pay people to explore the New World

  • In other countries like France and Spain, the Kings and Queens would pay for these voyages

  • A group of Dutch merchants developed a way to raise money for the trip to explore the New World

The Dutch Merchants

  • The Dutch Merchants created a company called The Dutch East India Company

  • A group of the Dutch people put all of their money together in order to have enough money for the trip

  • If the trip was successful they would have all made more money later, if not then they would be out all of their money they put in

The Dutch East India Company

  • The Dutch company then hired explorers to go on the voyages

  • 1609 The Dutch Company hired Henry Hudson who was English to sail to Asia-he was supposed to find the Northwest passage through North America

Henry Hudson

  • Hudson's ship was called the Half Moon

Hudson sailed all summer looking for the NW passage-he did not find it

However he did map out the New York Harbor

He also sailed along the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay

He met the Mannahata Indians who wore deerskins-he saw there wheat supply and ate some of their bread

Hudson's journey

  • In September Hudson sailed up a river that was later named after him, The Hudson River-but he called it "The Great River of the Mountains"

  • Hudson thought that the Indians of the Delaware had three ships full of corn and beans

The End of Henry Hudson

  • In 1611 Hudson sailed again to the New World---however---The crew got mad at Hudson and decided they wanted to go back to Europe

  • The crew then tossed Hudson and his son overboard on a small boat and set them adrift near the Arctic Circle

  • No one ever heard from Henry Hudson again

The Dutch

  • The Dutch company was important because it had started a new kind of company that had not existed before

  • A company in which merchants combine money to pay for an expedition and wait to see if they make a profit later

  • Also the mapping out of New York Harbor was important