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The Ice Ages

  The Ice Ages

  Ice Ages are time periods when large areas of ice covered earth's lands.

 The Polar Caps
   The polar caps are the areas farthest away from the equator on the earth.

   There is the North and the South pole.

   North pole is the top of the world and the South pole is at the bottom.

 Icy, Icy, Icy
   There have been 9 ice ages in history

   In the last one, over 1/3 the earth was covered with ice including most of Northern America &     Europe.

   The cool weather keeps the snow from melting even in the summer in some places and the build      up each year can add up eventually causing an ice age

  Ice Age= A period of extreme cold

Ice Ages
  1. Thousands of years ago the earth went through periods of extreme cold

  2. Earth was frozen into sheets of ice called glaciers

  3. Land that was once covered by water appeared

  Land Bridges

  1. Hunters and animals walked the land bridges to get to areas on the earth that are now separated by       water

  2. One "land Bridge" is called Beringia

  3. Beringia land bridge was between Asia & the Americas

When you look at the continents, can you see how close the edge of the continent of Europe and the   edge of North America are? Can you tell how easy it would be walk between the two continents if the   level of the water in the ocean went down?

Well, that is exactly what happened during the last Ice Age.

Now that this land is dry, people and animals can walk it on. The land that now was showing created land bridges between the continents, which allowed people, and animals to migrate (move from one place to another) to other areas.