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The Middle Colonies & Conflicts

The Middle Colonies

  • King Charles II wanted England to control the entire East Coast of North America, so he sent out 4 warships to the area to take it away from the Dutch who had begun to occupy the area which the Dutch called New Netherland

  • Four new English colonies were established here: New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania and Delaware

New York

  • The colony of New York was the English name which replaced the Dutch name of New Netherland for the area

  • New York was named after the Duke of York who was King Charles' brother

New Jersey

  • This colony was given to the friends' of the Duke of York in 1664

  • The friends became the leaders of the colony of New Jersey: Their names were Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret


  • In 1681 King Charles II gave a man named William Penn a charter to establish a colony

  • Penn called his colony Pennslyvania, which was named after himself

  • In English: Pennslyvania meant "Penn's Woods"


  • In 1682 the Duke of York gave Penn more land, which at first was part of Pennslyvania

  • However, it became a new colony called Delaware in 1704 when it made it's own lawmaking body


  • The Quakers were a religious group that lived in the colony of Pennslyvania

  • William Penn was a Quaker

  • The word Quaker comes from the belief that people should "Quake" before the Power of the Lord

  • The Quakers left England because they too had been put in jails for practicing their religion in England

Quaker Beliefs

  • Quakers called themselves "The Society of Friends"

  • They believed:
    1. To know God they only needed God to listen to their heart; so they did not need ministers or churches

  • 2. They believed in having plain clothes, plain furniture and plain food

The 4 Middle Colonies

  • The rich farmland and deep rivers in the Middle Colonies helped produce a lot of food

  • The other colonies soon began to call the Middle Colonies: "The Breadbasket of the Colonies" as a result

Penn & The Quakers in Pennslyvania

  • In 1682 Penn brought 100 Quakers from England to his colony in Pennslyvania

  • The Quakers named their settlement in Pennslyvania: Philadelphia

  • In Greek, the word Philadelphia means

  • "Brotherly Love" so today Philadelphia is known as the city of Brotherly Love

The Native Americans of Pennslyvania

  • The Native Americans who lived in Pennslyvania, before Penn and the Quakers came there were called

  • "The Lenape Indians or the Delaware Indians"

  • Penn wrote the Lenape tribe a letter asking them to be friends and neighbors with them and asking for Peace between them

  • Penn gave the Lenape tribe gifts in exchange for their land and it did work to create peace between the Quakers and the Lenape

  • In 1682 The Lenape Chief named, Tamenend, signed "The Great Treaty of Friendship" with William Penn which offered "Peace as long as there was light"


  • Respect and Cooperation in the Middle Colonies between Dutch and English immigrants helped the Middle Colonies to trade peacefully

  • As the trade grew, the Middle colonies began to have flourishing economies and businesses and more people came from England to live in the Middle colonies

  • The blending of people groups in these areas continues to this day; Example New York