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The Massachusetts Bay Colony

Religious Persecution in England

  • In England, The New King Charles I put many Puritans in jail

  • The Puritans were a Protestant religious group that did not agree with the King of England's religious beliefs

  • The Puritans decided to settle in America for religious freedom

The Puritans go to America

  • In 1630 a ship of 700 Puritans sailed to America to practice their religion in peace

  • The ship was named Arabella

  • The Puritans settled in a place they named the Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • They settled by a river that they named the Charles River after their King in England

The Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • The word Massachusetts means "At or near the Great hill

  • Part of the colony of Massachusetts had a settlement in it that they called "Boston" and it was the first Puritan settlement

  • In each settlement was a village common; which was a grassy area shared by everyone

  • The man that was chosen by the Puritans to be the governor was named John Winthrop

  • John wanted to create "A city upon a hill" for other communities to see a model Puritan community to admire in Massachusetts

The covenant

  • John Winthrop had each Puritan man sign a covenant or a special promise between that person and God

  • The covenant made each man promise that his family and himself would live by the rules of the Puritan church


  • The Puritans had schools, churches and meeting halls

  • The Puritans arose from the teachings of John Calvin and John Wycliffe

  • The Bible is the basis of their conduct and their government

  • The Presbyterian church today has come out of the Puritan religion

Puritan Rebels

  • The Puritans started colonies all over an area which is still known today as New England

  • Some Puritans disagreed with other Puritans and so they became known as Puritan rebels

  • Roger Williams was a minister that was against taking land from the Indians

  • Roger also established a colony in Rhode Island; which was one of the first colonies to establish freedom of religion

Other Puritan Rebels

  • Anne Hutchinson was a Puritan woman that was forced to leave Massachusetts so she decided to establish her own colony

  • Anne established a colony in a place called Portsmouth----she was deeply religious - Anne had some different ideas from the Puritans so they threw her out

  • She was put on trial in 1637-but she stood by her beliefs and she said that only God could truly judge her

  • In 1642 she moved to what is now New York

The Salem Witch Trials

  • In 1692 a Puritan settlement in Salem; which was part of the Massachusetts Bay colony had a historically famous event occur called the Salem Witch Trials

  • Basically when an illness in the Salem community broke out, a young girl and her friends blamed it on the work of witches

  • The girl and her friends were lying, but many people in the community were put on trial and found to be witches and they were hanged to death as a result

  • This is historically an important event that came out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony