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Ice Age Animals

  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to learn about animals that lived during the Ice Age

In the last lessons you have learned about glaciers and ice ages, and how they change the world   around them.As the weather gets colder and colder with the coming ice age, animals and people find   it harder and harder to find food to eat and a warm place to stay.

  Some people and animals die away and others find a way to make it in the rough times. Some do   best in the ice age and then die away as the glaciers retreat and the weather warms.

You will be finding out a lot of information about animals of the Ice Age. Some are still alive today and   others died away once the Ice Age was over.

  Animals and people moved from place to place during the Ice Age mostly in search of food. As the   glaciers grew, they took water from the oceans. This left dry land in places that had been separated   by water. These places were called land bridges. They connected parts of the world that are no   longer connected.

 These are paintings of Ice Age animals done by this man.

  Some of the details about the animals scientists and artists guess at.


Your research today will begin with a   page about Ice Age Giants. At this site   you will get to see how big the animals   are next to a human who lived at that   time.
  You will also see a little movie about how   scientists think the animal might move.

  Using the sheet named Ice Age Animal Chart you will collect information about four more animals   from the site. Keep this paper in a safe place to use in your next lesson.
  Click here when you are ready. Ice Age Giants

You have learned about some animals that lived in the last Ice Age. In this lesson you will learn about   some more. These animals will look like some animals that you know today.

  The PowerPoints you watch were made by 6th graders at another school. I hope you will like the   work they did. Maybe you will want to make a PowerPoint about what you are learning at school   sometime.

The first animal in this lesson is a Giant Beaver.

  Click on the link to read about them.                                

Giant Beaver

 The second animal in this lesson is a   Saber Tooth Tiger.

  Click on the link to read about them.

 The third animal in this lesson is a Dire Wolf.

  Click on the link to read about them.