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Using Globes

  What will we be learning today?

    In this lesson, we are going to learn all about globes.

   The vocabulary words are globe, continent, hemisphere, and equator

  Can you name?

   We will begin today's lesson, by      using your visual literacy skills.

   Look at this picture.

   What can you learn from it?

What is the meaning of these words?
    globe    :  a model of the Earth. The shape of a globe is a sphere. The continents, countries,                            and oceans are labeled

    continent     :  one of seven large pieces of dry land on the earth's surface

    ocean           :  one of five large areas of salty water on the earth's surface

    hemisphere :  one half of the Earth

    equator  :  the imaginary great circle around the Earth that divides the Earth into 2 hemispheres.

 This a globe

  1. Which does the Earth have more of land or water?

  2. What color is used for the oceans?

The Earth's surface has seven large pieces of land called continents

Click on each to hear the name of each continents. .                                                                                                                   


  Now see if you can name the continents by yourself.
  Keep trying until you can.

The continents have water all the way around them.These big bodies of water are called oceans.   There are five oceans. Click on the to hear the name of each ocean.                                                                                                                  

Try naming the oceans.

  The equator is a line that goes
  around the earth.


  The line is not real, but it
  cuts the earth into 2 parts.
         Each part is called a hemisphere
The yellow part is the North hemisphere
The green part is the South hemisphere

We live in the North Point to where we live.

 The prime meridian is a line that
    goes from the North Pole to the South Pole.
       Each part is called a hemisphere
The purple part is the West hemisphere
The blue part is the East hemisphere.
    The line is not real, but it cuts the earth into 2 parts.        We live in the West hemisphere.
Point to where we live.

Maps and globes use a set of lines to     help find places on Earth.

   Look at the picture.

     The lines that run across the     map and globe are called latitude     lines (blue green lines).The latitude     lines begin at the equator.

     The lines that run up and down     the map and globe are called     longitude lines (red lines).The     longitude lines begin at the prime     meridian.

   The lines are measured in degrees.

  Look at the picture.

   Use these two facts to help you:

     The latitude lines begin at the equator.

     The longitude lines begin at the prime     meridian.

   Find the 20o latitude line.

   Did you find two of them?
   One is 20o North.
   The other is 20o South.
   Use the poles to help you tell which latitude line is     North and which is South.
    Great Job!