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Discover_our_World_Yellow / Lesson 5: Maps

Types of Maps

  What will we be learning today?


   In this lesson, we are going to learn all about different types of map.

   The vocabulary words are historical maps, physical maps, political maps, landform maps, transportation maps, elevation map.

What are these words?
    political maps             : show cities, capitals, states, and countries.

    historical maps          : show information about past events and where they happened

    physical maps            : show the shape of the Earth's surface

    landform maps           : are a type of physical map that show the shapes that make of the                                                  Earth's surface like mountains, hills, valleys.

    transportation maps : show how you can travel from one place to another

    elevation maps         : are a type of physical map that use color to show the height of land                                                 above sea level.

Parts of a map

   Title : tells what the map is a picture of, the kind of map it is and any other important information.

Map key : tells what each symbol stands for on a map. A map key can also be called a legend.

Scale : shows how the distance on the map is related to the real distance between two places.

 Using a map scale:
   The map scale shows the distance in miles.

You can use a ruler to measure the distance.

Measure the scale line with the ruler and count how many of these units there are between the two places.

You can also copy the scale on the edge of a piece of paper. Use the paper scale to measure how many miles there are between places.

A Political Map
   A political map shows cities, capital cities, states, and countries.

What does this political map show?

Can you find Ohio and its capital city?

A  Physical Map
   A physical map shows the shape of Earth's surface.

This a landform map.

What landforms does the map show?

Can you find Ohio?

What kind of landform is Ohio in?

An Elevation Map
   An elevation map uses color to show the height of land above sea level. The map legend is very   useful with this type of map. What color is sea level?

 A Historical Map
   A historical map shows information from past events.

The title of a historical map also has a date with it to tell when in history the map is from.

What is the date on this map? Can you see that not all of the United States have been named yet? Can you name a missing state?

  A Transportation Map

   A transportation map shows how you can travel from one place to another.

What symbol show where Youngstown is?

How can you get from Pittsburgh to Youngstown?

How can you get from Cleveland to Youngstown?

A Transportation Map
    Point to the political map.
 Point to the historical map.
 Point to the elevation map.
 Point to the physical map.
 Point to the transportation map.