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More About the Woodland Native Americans

More About the Woodland Indians

The woodlands consist of the areas between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River

The Forests

  • The Forest Areas provided wood for building homes and canoes

  • Also wood for fire building

  • Many wild berries and plants were both food and medicine

  • The lakes & rivers were good for fishing

  • The forest animals were hunted

Types of Woodland people

  • 1. The Penobscot---lived in Maine

  • They moved from place to place hunting and gathering

  • They wore deerskin clothes

  • 2. The Natchez People-lived by the Mississippi River

  • They were Mound builders

  • They mostly farmed

  • They wore clothes made of plant fibers


  • Eastern Woodland Indians lived in Wigwams

  • Wigwams---homes made of sapling frames covered with cattail mats or elm bark

  • Their canoes were made of birch bark

The Iroquois

  • The Iroquois lived in New York

  • There are 5 types of Iroquois groups:

  • A. Seneca, B. Mohawk C. The Cayuga

  • D. The Onondaga E. The Oneida

  • Another name for Iroquois - Hodenosaunee

Iroquois Homes

  • The Iroquois lived in longhouses

  • Longhouses - long buildings made of poles covered with sheets of bark

  • Several families lived in longhouses

Iroquois Crafts

  • Wampum --- Beaded crafts like belts or necklaces

  • These wampum crafts were exchanged as gifts and they were used in ceremonies and agreements

Clan Mothers

  • When an Iroquois man married a woman, he moved into her family's house

  • Women owned the longhouses

  • Women were leaders and made decisions

  • Women became Clan Mothers

  • Clans share the same ancestors


  • In the 1400s Hiawatha was a Iroquois

  • His wife and children were killed in a tribe raid

  • He was sad, but he decided to start the Grand Council in which all of the five different Iroquois tribes could settle arguments peacefully instead of through raids

  • Hiawatha created new laws for the tribes

  • He was a Great Iroquois Peacemaker