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Discover_our_World_Yellow / Lesson 5: The California Gold Rush of 1849

The California Gold Rush of 1849

  The Gold Rush

  • In 1848 Gold was discovered in California

  • After gold was discovered thousands of people traveled on the California Trail to California to pan for gold in 1849

  • The migration to California in search of gold was called the "gold rush" because people rushed to California to become rich with gold

  • So many people went to CA for gold that those who went were said to have "gold fever"

The Gold Discovery

  • In 1848-an engineer named James Marshall saw something shiny in the stream by the mill where he worked in California

  • The mill where Marshall worked was Sutter's Mill

  • Sutter's Mill was named after it's owner: John Sutter

  • Marshall showed the gold to Sutter

  • Sutter told him to keep it a secret, so that his workers would continue to work on his mill instead of searching for gold Sutter

Gold Seekers

  • Gold seekers called themselves "the forty-niners" because it was 1849 when thousands of men reached California to search and pan for gold

  • In 1849---an ounce of gold was worth $16.00

  The population of California grows

  • In 1847 the population of San Francisco, California was 800 people

  • Gold was discovered in 1848

  • In 1849 the population of San Francisco, California was 25,000 people

  • In two years time California's population sky-rocketed as a result of gold

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California needs women

  • There were thousands of men in California in 1849-1850; so to get women to go to California---the men made a law that married women in California had the right to own property

  • In other states or areas- married women at that time did not have the right to own property-their property belonged to their husbands


  • California outlawed slavery in 1850

  • In 1850 California became a state because it's population had grown so large very quickly