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Discover_our_World_Yellow / Lesson 8: Ice Age Animal's Riddle

Ice Age Animals' Riddle

  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to learn about animals that lived during the Ice Age

Let's continue your study of the Ice Age. Let's see what you know about some of the animals that   lived then.

  See if you can answer these riddles.

You can see my cousin in Africa or a zoo.I have 2 horns on my nose.My legs are short and I am fat.   Who am I?

My bones have been found buried in the ground.I was an Ice Age giant and was hunted for my fur and   food. I had to big curly tusks.

  Who am I?

You can see my cousin in a forest or a zoo.I have a big round tail and my cousin has a big flat tail. I   use my teeth for cutting wood to make my home.

  Who am I?

 I had one hump.

  I lived in a herd.

  My cousins can be found today in Asia and Africa.

  Who am I?

 I used my very large teeth to kill my food.

  I can open my mouth very wide.

   Lots of Ice Age animals were afraid of me.

  Who am I?