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Reviewing Map Skills

  What will we be learning today?

   In this lesson, we are going to continue to review map skills.

What are continents?

  There are seven large land masses on Earth. These pieces of land are called continents.

  You will play again to practice the name of the continents. You need to know the names of the seven   continents and what they look like.

  Play the game until you know both of these.

  Drag the continents and oceans to the correct places. Practice the names of them as you move   them.

world map puzzle

Fun Fact
  The world's largest moving globe is in the USA.
   It is in the state of Maine. It is called Eartha.
Click here to read more
World's largest globe

Fun Fact
   This activity will give you a chance to test your continent and ocean knowledge.

   Here are the steps to do the activity:

   1. first type in your name

   2. click on the blue underline words

   3. select continents game at the top of the list

   4. read the question in this box

   5. move the white square over the correct continent and click  continent game

This activity will ask you to use information about the continents to do this matching activity.

  Match the continent with the card that tells about it. Click start to begin.

  continent matching game

  Let's review more of what you have learned in this unit.

  Use this picture to
  review these words.

  1. Hemisphere
  2. Equator
  3. Prime Meridian
  4. North Pole
  5. South Pole

 Let's review more of what you have learned in this unit.
   1. Hemisphere
Half of the earth

2. Equator
Divides North and South hemisphere

3. Prime Meridian
Divides East and West hemisphere

4. North Pole
Point at top of the earth

5. South Pole
Point at bottom of the earth

Use the information about hemispheres to answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Use the information you have reviewed to try this practice quiz.


Let's Review What We Learned Today!
   To be ready for your quiz you must know:

   Parts of a map
   Names of the continents and what they look like
   Names of the oceans
   Hemispheres on Earth