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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 1.2: Following Directions

Skills for Success
What will we be learning?

  • In this unit, we are going to learn new study skills and practice some old ones.

          Tips & strategies to help you follow directions

Tip 1

  • Give yourself plenty of time.

You may be tempted to skip reading the directions if you:

1.Are eager to get to the "meat" of the assignment

2.Waited until the last minute to begin the assignment

                            DON'T DO IT!!


Tip 2

  • Know direction words.

    In the table below are sample direction words and the class in which you may run into them.

Tip 2 (Continued)

  • Meaning of Language Arts Direction Words
  • Some of the meanings of the Language Arts direction words are easy, but I want to make a few of them perfectly clear.
  • Since most of you probably know the story "Cinderella", I'll use that as an example.

    Explain : Be sure to use facts, examples and quotes from the story.

    Sample Question : What kind of life did Cinderella have?

    Answer : Cinderella had a hard life because her step mother and step sisters treated her like a servant. She had to sweep and clean and wash her step sisters clothes. (These all are facts from the story)

Tip 2 (Continued)

  • Meaning of Language Arts Direction Words

    Summarize : Tell the main ideas in a few words.

    Sample Question : Summarize the story "Cinderella".

    Answer : Cinderella's step mother and step sisters treated her like a servant instead of family. She knew they would never let her go to the Prince's ball. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother gave her a beautiful dress and carriage and sent her to the ball with the warning that she had to be home by midnight. Cinderella made a big hit with the  Prince, but had to leave in a hurry when the clock stuck midnight. She left behind one of her glass slippers. The Prince went house to house searching for the person who could wear the glass slipper. When he found Cinderella, they were married and lived happily ever after.

Tip 2 (Continued)

  • Write : Use complete sentences, paragraphs, and proper punctuation & capitalization.

    Sample Question : How did Cinderella's step mother and step sister treat her? Write a short                                  paragraph.

    Answer :They were mean to her. They treated her like a servant instead of a family member.They made her clean the house, wash their clothes and carry their meals to them on trays. (Sentences are complete. Capitalization & punctuation are OK.)

  • List : Make a numbered list. Complete sentences aren't needed.

    Sample Question : List some of the ways Cinderella was treated badly by her step mother                                  and step sisters.

    Answer : 1. Had to clean the house 2. Had to wash clothes 3. Had to carry meals on trays to                     them.

CUCC Strategy

  • This strategy helps you be sure that you are following directions.

    C = Circle
    U = Underline
    C = Count
    C = Complete and Check Off

  • Follow these steps:

    1. Circle the direction words.

    2. Underline all important information after each direction word.

    3. Count the number of direction words to know how many tasks you need to do to answer                 the question.

    4. Check off each item as you complete it.

CUCC in Action

Click on the speaker    

  • To put CUCC in action, read the directions below.

  • This is the last page of today's lesson.

  • Completing ALL your work will improve your grade every time!
  • Have you taken notes on this information?