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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 1d2: Hard to Find Subjects


Words I Need to Know


  • inverted order


Hard - to - Find Subjects

What will we be learning in this lesson?

  • In this lesson you will learn :

    1. How to find the subject in three different kinds of sentences.
    2. A command or request Questions
    3. Sentences beginning with there or here





  • The subject tells who or what the sentence is about.

  • Simple Subject :

    1. The main word or words in the subject part of the sentence.
    2. Answers the questions "Who?" or "What?" in relation to the verb.
    3. The simple subject can be found in many places in the sentence.


Finding the Subject of a Command or Request

  • The subject of a command or request is understood to be the word "you." An understood subject is one that is not directly stated.



  • Even though a command or request may begin with the name of the person spoken to, the subject is still understood to be "you."


Subject of a Question

  • In questions, the subject often follows the verb or is located between a helping verb and the main verb. This is called inverted order.


    1. How can Claude ride such an energetic horse?
    2. Is there a good movie playing tonight?
    3. The subject is in red and the predicate is in green.
  • TIP : If you are not sure of the subject of a question, turn the question into a statement. It will be easier to find the subject when the words are in normal order. See the table on the next slide.


Subject of a Question

  • The subject is in red and the predicate is in green.


    Subject of a Sentence Beginning With There or Here

    • The words "there" and "here" are NEVER used as SUBJECTS.

    • Sometimes "there" and "here" are used as ADVERBS that answer the question "Where?"

    • "There" can also be used as a SENTENCE STARTER.

    • ADVERBS : There is my saddle. Here are the albums.

    • SENTENCE STARTER : There are fifty states in the United States.

    • You can see that the order of subject and verb in each sentence above is inverted - that is, the subject follows the verb.

    • The subject is in red and the predicate is in green.


    Subject of a Sentence Beginning With There or Here

  • TIP : When "there" is used as a SENTENCE STARTER, it can be left out - the sentence will still make sense. If you have trouble finding the subject in this type of sentence, try leaving out "there."

    This is the end of the Lesson

      1. What is the understood subject of a command?
      2. What is inverted order?
      3. In what type of sentence will you find inverted order?
      4. How do you find the subject if a sentence is in inverted order?
      5. How are "here" and "there" used in a sentence? Are they ever the subject of a sentence?


    If you can't answer these questions, review this Lesson.


    • If you can answer these questions :

      1. Close out of the Lesson
      2. Complete the Practice Questions in your lesson
      3. Complete the worksheet in your lesson packet.