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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 2.3.1: Verbs ( DAY 1 )

Introduction to Verbs

  • When you studied about nouns and pronouns, you learned :

    1. Nouns name people, places, things, and ideas.
    2. Pronouns are used to replace nouns.

  • When you use nouns in a sentence that states your ideas, you also need words that will express action or condition and let you tell what people are doing and what is happening.

  • You need verbs!

Verbs - Day 1
What will we be learning in this lesson?
(This is a multi-day lesson. You will do a part of it each day!)

    In this lesson you will learn :
    1. Definition of a verb
    2. 3 kinds of verbs
    3. What each kind of verb does
Questions to Keep in Mind As You Read

    1. What is a verb?
    2. What are the 3 kinds of verbs?
    3. How are the 3 kinds of verbs different from each other?
    4. How does each kind of verb act in a sentence?

What will we be learning today?

  • Today you will be learning about verbs and we will concentrate on action verbs.
Definition of a Verb

  • A verb expresses the action or condition of a person, place or thing. What does that mean in real words?

A verb tells what someone does or is, and it tells what something is. In other words, it shows action or condition.

Action Verbs

  • An action verb shows the action that someone or something is doing or did. The action can be either visible or mental.

    Example : The verb is in blue italics

    Action verbs
    1. An archaeologist digs.
    2. She found a pottery shard
    Visible action verbs
    1. Nancy reads history books
    2. The Washington Monument standson the Mall in Washington D.C.
    Mental action verbs
    1. Everyone believes you.
    2. The students understand the assignment.

Action Verbs

  • Remember some action verbs express actions that you can't see.

  • This kind of verb generally expresses mental action or action that goes on in your mind.

  • Some action verbs that express mental action which you aren't able see are :
    1. know
    2. decide
    3. wonder
    4. think
    5. believe