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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 2.3.2: Verbs ( DAY 2 )

Linking Verbs
Linking Verbs

  • Linking verbs join nouns or pronouns with words that identify or describe them.

    The MOST COMMON LINKING VERBS are all forms of the verb be


    Examples : The linking verb is in blue
    1. Laura is the historian (Historian identifies Laura.)
    2. Elliot was ready. (Ready describes Elliot.)

Linking Verbs

    1.The forms of be are the verbs that most commonly connect or link parts of a sentence.

    2. Other verbs also act as linking verbs to connect part of a sentence. They are on the table     below. This is important! Study it carefully!!

Examples : The chief remained calm. (Calm describes chief)

Telling an Action Verb from a Linking Verb

  • Some verbs can be used as either an action verb or a linking verb.

  • Action: The people grew poor crops. (The people performed an action.)

  • Linking: The people grew unhappy. (Grew links people and unhappy.)

The Test

  • Replace the verb with is, am, or are. If the sentence still makes sense, the verb is a linking verb.

Examples :