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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 2: Reading Skills: Making Connections

Connect with Your Reading

  • There are many ways to respond to any story - one you hear or one you read.
    1. Most natural - How does story relate to you and your experiences?
    2.&nbspHow does story relate to something else you've read?

  • As you read, you may connect with :
    1. A character
    2. Something a character says or does
    3. Something you recently learned

  • Connecting to your reading is important because it lets you relate to a story in your own personal way!

Connect with Your Reading

  • Questions to Help You Connect :
    1. How do I relate to this character?
    2. Am I like this person? Do I know anyone like this person?
    3. Would I have said or done the same thing as this person?
    4. Is there anything in this story that is similar to my own life or my own experience?
    5. Is there anything in this story that is similar to the life or experiences of someone I know?
    6. Is this story like any other story I've read?

Example: Connecting in Action

  • Read the following passage from "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst who wrote about a boy and his relationship with his disabled brother.

  • Although Doodle learned to crawl, he showed no signs of walking, but he wasn't idle. He talked so much we all quit listening to what he said. It was about this time the Daddy built him a go-cart and I had to pull him around. At first I just paraded him up and down the piazza, but then he started crying to be taken out into the yard and it ended up by my having to lug him wherever I went. If I so much as picked up my cap, he'd start crying to go with me and Mama would call from wherever she was, "Take Doodle with you."

    Now go to the next slide to see some possible connections.

Example: Connecting in Action

  • Possible Connections
    1. I know someone who talks so much no one listens anymore.
    2. I have a little brother or sister who always wants to do the thing I do and go everywhere with     me.
    3. Doodle reminds me of my friend's little brother.
    4. My mother often tells me I have to take my younger brothers and sisters along, and that     bothers me.

Other Ways to Connect with Your Reading

  • Do you understand how connecting with your reading can make it more interesting and more     meaningful?
  • Do you know what questions to ask to help you connect with your reading?
  • If so continue with the lesson!