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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 3(Day 1) - More Folktale Elements

More Folktale Elements

What will we be learning today?

  • We will be learning more about folktale elements

Words You Need to Know

  • MORAL : a lesson about what is right or what is wrong that is taught by a story or event.

  • SYMBOL : in stories a symbol is an object or character that stands for some other object,  idea or quality.

    Example : In the story "Cinderella", the step-sisters stand for meanness and greed . Cinderella stands for the quality of goodness.

Review - Elements of Folktales We Already Know

    1. The story is trying to understand why things happen in nature.
    2. The story explains how something began.
    3. A wise person explains something by telling a story or solving a problem.
    4. Wishes are granted.

Review - Elements of Folktales We Already Know

    5. Animals or objects talk.
    6. Tricks are used.
    7. Magic or sacred objects are part of the story.
    8. A life lesson or MORAL is taught.

More Folktale Elements

    1. Youngest, smallest or weakest brother or sister was able to do something after others in the family failed.
    2. Characters are simple and easy to understand.
    3. Characters may be SYMBOLS
    4. Story starts and moves fast.
    5. All questions are answered and problems solved by the end of the story.

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