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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 4.1: Narrator

Role Of the Narrator
What Will I Learn Today?

  • In this lesson you will :

    1. Learn the definition of narrator.
    2. Learn the purpose of the narrator.
    3. Learn why the narrator is important.

Questions to Keep in Mind

    1. What does the narrator do?
    2. Why is the narrator important?


  • Although the author writes the story, the speaker or the person who tells the story is called the narrator.

  • The narrator can be :

    1. Someone who takes part in the story.
    2. An outside observer.

Purpose of the Narrator

  • The narrator :

    1. Shows the reader the events of the story through his/her (the narrator's) eyes.
    2. Communicates tone with his/her words.
    3. Creates mood through his/her words.

Why is the Narrator Important?

    1. The narrator controls what you know about the story.
    2. The narrator influences how you feel about people, places and events in the story.
    3. The narrator's attitude helps determine your reaction to the story's action and characters.

Getting to Know the Narrator

  • Because he/she shapes how you react to a story and the characters, It is important to get to know the narrator.

    1. You need to know the narrator is trustworthy.
    2. You need to know if the narrator is telling you the whole truth about the events of the story.

Can you:

  • Define narrator?
  • Do you know the narrator's purpose?
  • Do you know why the narrator is important?

    If the answer yes, continue with the lesson.
    If the answer is no, review this lesson!