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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 4.3.2: Latin Roots (Day 2)

Latin Roots That Indicate Motion

The Latin roots in the following table indicat motion or action.



 act   do
Example: active

in a state of doing

 aud  hear
Example: auditory  of the ear
 dic  speak
Example: predict  speak of the future
 fac, fic  make, do
Example: manufacture  to make
 form  shape
Example:  transform  change shape
 migr  change, move
Example:  migrant  one who moves
 ques, quer, quis  ask, seek
Example: inquisitive  overly curious
 scribe, script  write
Example:  inscription  note of dedication wriiten or signed by hand in a book
 sign  mark
Example:  insignia  symbol, marking
 struct  build
Example:  instruction  building knowledge