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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 4: Fables


What will we be learning today?

    1. We will be learning the definition of fables.
    2.  We will be learning about the history of fables.
    3. We will be learning about the most famous author of fables, Aesop..
    4. We will be learning elements of fables.
    5. We will be reading some short fables.


  • A fable is a short tale that teaches a lesson.

First Appearance

    1. Fables first appeared more than 2800 years ago.
    2. The earliest fable dates back to the 8th century before Christ.
    3. Fables were most popular during the Middle Ages (late 1100's).
    4. During the 1600's fables were often used for political purposes.
    5. In more modern times, fables are used to help children understand moral lessons.


1. The most famous writer of fables is Aesop
2. Aesop was probably not a real person.
3. Aesop was probably a name invented and given to the author or ANY collection of fables.  

Elements of Fables

1. Fables always have a moral (a lesson or message)
2. Fables often use animals or objects as the main characters in the story,
    but the moral (lesson or message) is created to apply to people.

Examples of Morals in Fables

"Look before you leap."
"Don't count your chicken before they hatch."  

Read the fables in your lesson