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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 4d2: Adjectives ( Days 2 )

Adjectives - Day 2
What will we be learning in this lesson?
(This is a multi-day lesson. This is Day 2!)

  • In this lesson you will learn :
    1. Definition of a proper adjective.
    2. The questions a proper adjective asks.
    3. Definition of a possessive adjective.
    4. Words modified by a possessive adjective.

Questions to Keep in Mind As You Read

    1. What is proper adjective?
    2. What questions does a proper adjective ask?
    3. What is a possessive adjective?
    4. What part of speech is a possessive adjective?
    5. How do I recognize the word modified by a possessive adjective?

Proper Adjectives

  • A proper adjective is :
    1. A proper noun used as an adjective.
    2. An adjective formed from a proper noun.

  • When a proper noun is used as an adjective, it answers the question What kind? or Which one? about the noun it modifies.

    See the chart below : Click on the speaker to hear an explanation.


Proper Adjectives

    1. Sometimes endings called suffixes are added to many proper nouns to make them into     proper adjectives.
    2. Sometimes the word changes to form a proper adjective.

    See the chart below : Click on the speaker to hear an explanation.

Pronouns as Adjectives

  • A possessive pronoun (lesson 2) can be used as an adjective if it modifies a noun. It is called a possessive adjective.

  • The possessive adjective is in blue italics. The noun which is modifies is highlighted in yellow.
    Eddie played his favorite video game.
    John said, "My team is the Comets."

  • Notice each possessive pronoun modifies the NOUN that follows it.

Pronouns as Adjectives

  • Each possessive pronoun not only modifies the noun that follows it, but it also refers back to its antecedent (lesson 2).
    Click the speaker to hear an explanation.          

    Example :

This is the end of the Lesson for Day 2

    1. Do you know what a proper adjective is and the questions it asks?
    2. Do you know what a possessive adjective is?
    3. What part of speech is a possessive adjective formed from?
    4. What two ways does a possessive adjective function in a sentence?

    If you can't answer these questions, review this Lesson If you can answer these questions :
  • Close out of the Lesson
  • Complete the Practice Questions
  • Take the Post-Test