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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 4d3: Adjectives ( Days 3 )

Demonstrative Adjectives
What will we be learning in this lesson?
(This is a multi-day lesson. This is Day 3, Be sure you completed Day 1 & Day 2! )

  • In this lesson you will learn :
    1. Definition of a demonstrative adjective.
    2. The 4 demonstrative adjectives.
    3. How to recognize a demonstrative adjective in a sentence.

Questions to Keep in Mind As You Read

    1. What is a demonstrative adjective?
    2. What are the 4 demonstrative adjective?
    3. How can I tell a demonstrative pronoun from a demonstrative adjective?

Demonstrative Adjectives

  • A demonstrative adjective is a demonstrative pronoun that acts like an adjective in a sentence.

  • The 4 demonstrative adjectives are the same as the 4 demonstrative pronouns.
    1. This
    2. That
    3. These
    4. Those

Demonstrative Adjectives

    Examples : Click on the speaker to hear an explanation.


    When this, that, these or those is immediately before a noun, the word is functioning as a demonstrative adjective.

This is the end of the Lesson for Day 3

    1. Do you know what a demonstrative adjective is?
    2. Do you know what the 4 demonstrative adjectives are?
    3. Can you tell when those words are being used as a demonstrative pronoun, and when they     are being used as a demonstrative adjective?

    If you can't answer these questions, review this Lesson. If you can answer these questions :
    1. Close out of the Lesson
    2. Complete the Practice Questions
    3. Take the Post-Test