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7th Grade Language Arts / Lesson 5(Day 1) - Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

What will we be learning today?


    1. We will be learning the definition of a fairy tale.
    2.  We will be learning about elements in fairy tales.
    3.  We will learn about a common theme of fairy tales.

    Theme : Central idea of a story. The thought about life the story expresses. Sometimes stated directly, but most of the time you figure it out from the events of the story and the feeling and actions of the characters.


Definition of Fairy Tales


    1. A type of folktale.
    2.  Made up stories.
    3.  Once were told aloud by storytellers.
    4. Told and retold for generations before being written down.
    5. Became part of literature once they were written down.


Elements of Fairy Tales


      4. Many of the characters are royalty - princes, princesses, kings and queens.
  • 1. Magical things happen
    2. Always happen in the past.

    3.Often begin "Once upon a time" or "Long, long ago"




More Elements of Fairy Tales


      EXAMPLE  An evil person or situation creates a problem for the hero.
      7. Good always wins.
      8. Evil is always punished.
  • 5. Always a conflict or problem.
    6. Theme is usually conflict between good vs. evil.



Good vs. Evil

How do we know who's good or bad in a fairy tale?


  • Hero : male character who does something brave or noble.
  • Heroine : female character who does something brave or noble


Let's Review What We Learned Today!


    1. Fairy tales are a type of folktale.
    2. Fairy tales are often alike from country to country.
    3. All fairy tales have elements and themes they share.
    4. Good vs. evil is often the theme in fairy tales.
    5 Good always wins. 6. Evil is always punished.


Read the fairy tale in your lesson.