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7th Grade Math / Lesson 2: Graphs

What will we be learning in this unit?

  • In this lesson you will learn how to make graphs to display data.
Vocabulary words are found in this purple color throughout the lesson. Remember to put these in your notebook.


The chart displays the number of cats and dogs that were brought to the park each day by their owners.

Make a double bar graph to display this information.

Bar Graphs

Bar Graphs

The chart below displays the number of hours a child watches television during the week.

Make a line graph to display this information.

Line Graphs


  • Notice that each graph has labels on each of the axes in addition to titles on each axes describing what the labels are referring to.

  • Notice the Key on the double bar graph. This is providing an explanation as to which color is for which animal. This is sometimes called a legend.

  • Notice on the line graph the number 1.5 was needed to be graphed but you do not see the number 1.5 labeled on the axis. The labels should go in some kind of a pattern, and if a number is needed in between, then place the dot at the approximate place in between the values that are shown.

  • These are all of the things that you need to have on your graphs when you draw them.

  • Can you create the appropriate graph for a set of data?
  • Go back to the classroom to get to your homework and any other items you need to attend to.