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7th Grade Math / Lesson 4: Graphing Lines


  What will we be learning today?

  • In this lesson, you will learn how to use a table to graph a line on a coordinate plane.

    Vocabulary words are found in this purple color throughout the lesson.
            Remember to put these in your notebook.

Graphing Lines
  • Now that you are familiar with ordered pairs, we can look at graphing lines that come from equations.
  • The ordered pairs come from the numbers that work in the equation.
  • Take a look at the equation x + y = 9. Find some numbers that you can use for x and y in this equation. Put them into the table to keep track of them.

Graphing Lines
  • Now take these ordered pairs from the table and put them on the coordinate plane.
    They all come from the same equation, so they should line up in a straight line.

Graphing Lines
  • Try another one. Fill in the table with some numbers that work in the given equation. Graph the pairs of numbers to make a line.
    x - y = 2

  • Can you make a table of values that work for an equation?
  • Can you graph the numbers from the table to make a line?
  • Go back to the classroom to get to your homework and any other items you need to attend to.